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Introducing The Sweetheart Box

Boxed Memories is proud to introduce it's latest line of custom shadow boxes The Sweetheart Box. Our unforgettable wedding  and anniversary frame commemorates the special day when a couple ties the knot.

Made entirely by hand, each shadow box (3D frame) is custom built with matting colour and frame finish as chosen by the client. The family name is carefully crafted in wire and details of their wedding day, including the couple’s names, date, time and location of the wedding, delicately float atop each letter.

Be sure to give the most memorable and timeless wedding or anniversary gift that will be treasured forever. Give ‘The Sweetheart Box.’

Customize A Frame

Wedding Couple

The Sweetheartbox is run by a single owner as a part-time business.  After more than 15 years of running this business, I have decided to sell this business.  If you are creative and interested in taking over this business, please send me an email and we can talk about the specifics.



Black frame with Parchment & black matting
Rustic frame with parchment & wine matting

The Sweetheart Box is a subsidiary of: boxed memories logo